Into to Cooking-4-1

I’ve been living on my own for more than 10 years now and my friends, family and co-workers often marvel at how I always have food in my house to make a decent meal (we’re not talking zoodles or cup of soup), so I’ve decided to start writing a little food blog, with recipes, tips, tricks & grocery lists.  I’m a big fan of easy to make meals (I rarely spend more than 30 minutes cooking) and I HATE cleaning, so all of my recipes and tips will include something about easy prep and easy cleanup.  I also prefer to only grocery shop once a week – this means that I often buy staples that I’m not going to use that week and that I tend to stock up when stuff is on sale.  What is unique about this is that it will all geared for people living alone, cooking for one or sometimes two.  Most recipes are for 4, same with grocery shopping tips and if you’re not great at dividing fractions (like me), you’ll want recipes that yield less food.  Though, I do often consciously make more – or use recipes that call for something you can’t really divide or keep, like an open can of coconut milk – so that I can have the leftovers for lunch.

I’m not purely altruistic in creating this blog, I’m also using it as a tool to keep myself on track and to help me have a healthier relationship with food.  It makes me feel pretty vulnerable to be accountable for my issues with food and I think this is a great vehicle for overcoming those issues.  I love food, I like to read about it, talk about, cook it, look at it, everything.  I’m the nerd who goes to the grocery store for hours just to read labels.  I like all kinds of food because I think that eating should be an adventure.  I’m also attempting to make better (read: healthier) choices but am not willing to eat bland, vile textured foods.  So the promise I make is that the food you will find here will be healthy, easy to make, easy to clean up and interesting.

So join me on my journey & send me any questions you like.  You can also follow me on instagram missmaris11 and #cooking41