I’m so thrilled you’re interested in getting started and I wanted to share my best recommendations with you. Firstly I recommend getting a kit, because it gets you a wholesale account for FREE for a whole year and when you buy oils in a kit, you get them below wholesale pricing.

For the kits, I have two recommendations:  

  1. Healthy Start kit –  which is the top ten most popular oils and a diffuser
  2. Simple Solutions kit which is a smaller kit to start with and the one I usually recommend.

These kits are the most popular and should be listed on the first page after you choose your region.

However, to be honest, some of my favourite Doterra oils/products are not included in these kits. Here are my top 3 add ons to these kits:

  1. Eucalyptus: this oil is the king of my home. My husband and I both use it in our showers/baths every single night. It makes our bathroom smell like a spa and has amazing respiratory benefits as well.
  2. Balance: this is what I call pure-fume – I gave up my perfume as one of the first things when I became pregnant the first time because synthetic fragrance is an endocrine disruptor. I adore the woody, grounding aroma of this oil and love that my signature scent also helps to ground me and set a steady foundation to my day.
  3. Terrashield spray: there is simply no better bug repellent – take it on vacation because it fits in even the smallest bag. It stays on because it’s oil based and offers exceptional protection all day long.

Most of the people who enrol with me prefer the smaller simple solutions kit and then add on Balance and Eucalyptus. To make it super convenient for you, here’s the link to the kit and those two oils, all you have to do is enter your information and check out!

Some people prefer not to buy a kit and pay the membership fee instead. Think of it like Costco/Amazon prime – membership to Doterra allows you to access all of their products at wholesale prices without any commitment to a kit or to buy anything you don’t want. If you’re only interested in one or two items to start, you could always pay this fee instead of taking a kit. While it may seem expensive to get wholesale pricing for a small amount of items, I know that Doterra is a lifestyle and once you buy into that lifestyle you will be so happy to have that discount for all the natural products you need in your home. Imagine you could get every single natural product you need, 25% off, earning 30% back in product points on everything you order (including shipping), that’s where the true value lies. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sign on for that to begin with either, I wish I did but now I’m super happy I have this option. As a busy mom, committed to using the most natural and effective products, there is no better way than with Doterra, trust me I’ve looked.

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Would you like to see what I recommend after you are enrolled and have access to all of the oils and products at a whole sale price?

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