Here are my top oils/uses for kids and if your child is an infant, I have recommendations for that too, click here.

1.  Both my kids get an immunity blend every single day (yes even while in quarantine).  Baby gets stronger only.  My toddler gets one of 3 choices: extra diluted on guard touch, stronger or a blend I learned from another Doterra mama it’s Arborvitae, Frankincense, On guard and copaiba (I do 2 drops of each and the rest filled with fractionated in a 10 ml roller bottle).  I like to switch it up to keep her body guessing and strong.

2.  Boo boos: lavender touch or correct x (I keep correct x in my purse at all times).  Any time your kid falls or scrapes their knee or bangs their head, even if it doesn’t leave a mark, I ask if she wants oils and she stops crying (so bonus points for avoiding a huge crying fit).  It’s a great distraction, it smells great and it has physical benefits too if they are hurt.  

3.  Tummy aches: I don’t know about you but my mom thinks ginger ale is a remedy when a kid says their stomach hurts and I don’t need my kid pumped with that much sugar lol.  I also don’t know if there’s any real benefit, so I either use extra diluted digestzen roller or the tamer one from the kids collection.

4.  Cough/runny nose: breathe – in the diffuser, on the bottoms of feet, in the bath – just one drop mixed with coconut oil always or you can buy the breathe stick or just extra dilute the breathe roller.

Just a tip, I use the oils on myself, I love the rollers because they’re so easy.  When I see they’re half done I just fill them up with coconut oil and give them to my daughter – that makes it easy for me to manage.  And I stole her Steady roller because I love the smell of it, it’s like balance for kids but I use it on her for like her first week of school or when she started ballet – things I wanted her to feel steady for.  

K, quick recap, my absolute faves for kids:

1.  Stronger

2.  On guard touch

3. Lavender touch

4.  Correct x

5.  Tamer or Digestzen touch

7.  Breathe

8.  Steady