Most of my friends and family know me as an immigration lawyer for more than 10 years, an entrepreneur and as a mom. While I am absolutely all of those things, I am also invested and interested in helping my family lead a natural lifestyle which lead me to discover Doterra’s Essential Oils. Since starting, I have replaced most of the synthetic products in my home with all natural, extremely effective essential oils, which also have enhanced many of the rituals in my life.

If you want to experience these oils for yourself, I would love to guide you and share my experience.

People often ask why I would start a new business when I have a successful law practice and am a mom to two toddlers and I think this is a good place for me to share why. When I got pregnant with my first child I wanted to lead a more natural lifestyle and it was overwhelming to look up the ingredients of store available items and know what’s safe and what’s not. I even tried to make a spreadsheet with each of the natural products and where I could find them (what store or site) and it quickly became a really long list that had to be sourced from many different places. I also started removing products from that list when I found them to be ineffective. As much as I want to live a natural lifestyle, I’m not willing to live with dirty clothes because my natural detergent doesn’t clean properly – same with my dishes or floors or kitchen. I am also not willing to give up all of my effective and lovely hair and skin products for ones that don’t address my needs. Call me shallow, but I’m only on board with natural products that work.

It was around that time I started my journey with essential oils and like the good student I am, I started reading about their uses, following leaders on social media and attending essential oil trainings to learn more about how to use the oils to replace synthetic products and create natural routines. Slowly and one by one I began replacing so many chemicals in my home and life with oils or recipes with oils. I decided to also sell oils as business because I’m passionate about business in general and I want to show others how simple it can be to makeover your lifestyle with natural products while saving money and time.

Another goal I have that Doterra helps me with is supporting social causes. As a mom with kids there are certain causes that are super important and meaningful for me to support. However, it’s not always the easiest to find more time or funds to support these causes. Buying from Doterra puts money in the pockets of farmers and in the accounts of amazing organizations like Rafa House that help support the quest to end human trafficking.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, I’m happy to share samples of oils you are interested in or to help you replace synthetic products in your home. If you have any health or wellness goals, I can offer you an oil sample for that too.

The other option is to dive right in and experience the oils for yourself, if you want to get started right away, click here.

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