#30before30 – Student Becomes Teacher

As many of you may know I was a tutor for many years and before deciding that I was going to be a lawyer for a period of time I had aspirations to open my own tutoring center. Part of the reason I loved tutoring so much was because I loved my students, I got great pleasure out of getting to know my students really well and then watching them succeed. Recently, my longest standing student Morgan graduated from university and it was honestly one of the most proud moments of my life.

I tutored Morgan for approximately 10 years starting when he was in grade 7 and although it was not always easy, Morgan was always one of my favorite students. Morgan happens to be very bright and is amazing with electronics and cars. While I was still tutoring him we used to have discussions about what cars I should drive, how to remove ugly dealership stickers from my bumper and when to bring my car into the shop because it was making weird noises. Since graduating, Morgan has gone into the car business, no surprise there and so when I decided I should learn to drive a standard car before I turned 30, he immediately came to mind for my #30before30 challenge, he accepted without hesitation.

This weekend we had our first tutoring session where I was the student and he was the teacher, wow have the roles completely reversed! I can also safely say that I think he was a better student than I was, driving standard is really hard! I had such a hard time figuring out how quickly to release the clutch, how much gas to give and the perfect timing of it all. Morgan was so patient with me, never got angry or frustrated and although I am certainly not good at it, I at least understand how it’s supposed to work and think that in a worst case scenario I could drive a standard car. Thank you Morgan for all of your patience and help, I really enjoyed being your student!