#30before30 – Ballroom Blitz

Although I loved my pole dancing experience, the bruises and sore muscles I was left with didn’t exactly inspire me to continue on with the practice. Besides which, it inspired me to do something else before I turned 30, which is to go see real strippers who are actually good at working the pole….but more on that later.

This week as I was watching Dancing with the Stars, yes I watch the show and yes I like it (so long as it is PVR’d and I can fast forward all the talking) I decided that learning to ballroom dance would be an excellent thing to do for #30before30! So I immediately called Arthur Murray Dance School and set up an appointment for my first lesson.

The following day, I showed up at their studios and met a bunch of the instructors who asked me why I was there, looked at my blog and were very excited to read about what I was doing and help me out!

I was assigned a teacher who taught me how to merengue, samba and waltz. He taught me the basic steps and once I knew how to move my feet, I was guided around the floor doing all kinds of crazy moves that I never knew I could do, but that’s the beauty of dancing with a professional, they do almost all of the work! After a little dancing with my instructor he had me show him my stuff without him and to my surprise, I found that I learned a lot! I actually had an amazing time and by the end thought that it was something that I could really get into. Turns out the dance school has a location right near my house, which I am going to check out and maybe join. Before I left, my instructor gave me an amazing photo opportunity and taught me “the drop” check out the pic below!