#30before30 – Dirty Dancing

One of the things I was most looking forward to for this challenge was what I did Tuesday night. I decided to strap on my heels, grab a girl friend and head out to a pole dancing class. First let me say that as I write this I cannot lift my arms above shoulder level and my legs are covered in bruises, pole dancing is no joke and I have a new found respect for strippers!

The whole experience started with pulling up to a building that looked like an abandoned crack-den but the girl who had taken my reservation over the phone assured me that even if I thought the building looked empty that I was in the right place. All I can say is that the address started with “30” so I felt like maybe it was a good sign?

Anyhow, I go inside through some sketchy looking hallways and come to the door, when you go inside you find a room with a wood floor and mirrors, the walls are bright red, there are 5 different poles in varying sizes, colors and styles and there is a group of middle aged women practicing a strip-tease dance.

I recruited my friend Kim to join me on this adventure and she brought her friend Julie, who I instantly thought was awesome, so great, a new friend! The class started with an intense dance warm up that included a lot of pushups and some intense planks. Then we were ready to get started, we had to catch up on the choreography that was taught the week before, so we got a quick demo of how to booty shake (for those interested, you bend over, hold your ankles, keep your legs very straight and shake your hips until your booty shakes). After some sexy choreography we started to learn how to spin around the pole. We learned three spins, the Fireman’s Cross, the Chair and one other one whose name I cannot remember. Hoisting yourself up, putting your legs in the proper position and getting enough momentum to do this is no easy task, however, I think that I was actually better at it than I had imagined I would be. We tried to take some pics of me spinning around the pole (they are below) but you will see that this was even a more difficult task than doing the moves.

Then it was time to put it all together, the sexy choreography and then throwing in some spins around the pole, for beginners, I was really quite impressed with the final product! We had a great time, I can’t remember laughing that hard for 90 minutes straight, by the end I was very happy and very tired. I have to admit that I always wanted to try out pole dancing, I have no idea why but I’m happy I can check it off my #30before30 list. Anyone interested in trying it out should go to eroticdance.ca, they are also having a show in December if you would rather watch than try it, check out the pics of our hilarious evening!