#30before30 – Being Badass

Thursday night I was a badass.  I went to the gun range to shoot a gun for my first time.  I figured that it would be a great thing to do before I turn 30.  So my friend Justin and I went to the range, picked a gun out of a catalogue, got some bullets and some targets and followed our instructor Jeremy to the range to learn about how to hold a gun and some basic safety rules.

Not only have I never fired a gun, I have never even held a gun and was surprised at how heavy it was.  Jeremy taught us how to load the magazine, which was probably the most difficult part of the whole experience.  Standing there holding a loaded gun is a very powerful feeling; it’s partially scary and thrilling at the same time.

We first started shooting at a target 5 meters away and on my first try I hit the target 8/10 times!  Jeremy taught me to how brace the gun with the hand that is not actually holding the gun and that 60% of the tension should come from that hand.  He also told me that although I was holding the gun straight out in front of me, I was aiming slightly higher than I should.  He also told me I was flinching right before I pulled the trigger because I was anticipating the shot.  With his tips, my accuracy really improved!

We then moved the target to 10 meters and my accuracy dropped but I still did pretty well, hitting the target 6/10 times.  I left the range with a definite adrenaline rush and it took me a little while to come down from it.  I totally understand why people enjoy it.  But, none of you have to worry (especially you, Mom) I don’t think I will be taking up shooting as a sport or a hobby, although I really enjoyed my experience.  If you have never shot a gun before, I definitely recommend it, I had a great time!