#30before30 – Easiest & Hardest Things on my List!

So Saturday night I decided to once again tackle multiple items on the #30before30 list.  I decided I would try a new restaurant, try a new food and sing karaoke.  So, let’s start with dinner.  In December I am going to Peru, so at the advice of some friends we decided that I should try a Peruvian restaurant and some local Peruvian dishes.  Let’s start by saying this is not a restaurant I want to go back to, however, I did try ceviche for the first time and really liked it a lot!  The rest of the dinner was not exactly my taste, but I certainly fulfilled the challenge requirements because I have never eaten any of the things we ordered!  Eating the new foods and trying a new restaurant was the easy part…..then came the hard part……karaoke.

Originally, we were going to try and do karaoke in some dive bar in St. Henri to ensure that I would not know anyone in the crowd.  Turns out they weren’t doing karaoke, so we had to move on to an actual karaoke bar.  To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement.  I stood in front of the catalog of songs not having any idea of what to sing.  The bar was absolutely packed with people who looked around my age, totally intimidating even if I did not know a soul.  I told the dj what I wanted to sing, thinking that there would be a huge list of people before me and that I’d have enough time to get nice and drunk before I had to go up.  Turns out, there were only 2 other singers before me, so I had to down my whisky, gather my courage and get up there.  I figured that if I didn’t own it, it would be much worse, so I gave it all I have!  This was easily one of the most stressful/difficult things I have done to date.  I was holding the microphone so tight my knuckles were turning white.  But when I was done, I felt fantastic!

People seemed into it and there were even a few people dancing but the best part was the waitress (who is actually a good singer) told me I did a good job!  She then had to make an announcement saying that the guy who was puking all over the place had to leave and if she found out who it was before he left she would kick his ass, it was a very classy joint!  Check out the pics from Saturday night!