If you place orders of 50 PV or more through this program (LRP) you will earn back points on each dollar spent on purchases and shipping. This is a great way to earn FREE oils and products from Doterra. Essential oils are the most cost effective when you go all in and start using all of the products Doterra has to offer. The bonus is, they smell amazing, are the highest quality and it’s the most convenient to buy all of your natural products from one source that literally rewards you for doing so.

However, I know committing to the monthly pv order of oils can feel like a lot when you’re unfamiliar with the oils and all of their amazing uses so I thought I would offer you my favourite diffuser blend that will help fulfill your PV and I know you will love.



Siberian Fir (or Black spruce)


Frankincense touch (I did this to save a little cost since Frank is pretty expensive)

You can do this two ways – you can put two drops of each in your diffuser each time you want to use it OR here’s a hack,